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Click on each picture below to see larger images and source photographs.

LOLA Final 12-22-18.jpg
Gracie Final.jpg
Stanley Hugo Feb 10.JPG
Nino FINAL 12-16-18.jpg
FARGO - FINAL 12-14-2021.jpg
PIP October 8th.JPG
Pip FINAL 11-20-19.jpg
Souvenirs of Mr. Chips.jpg
PICO 4-25-19.jpg
Teddy and Ziggy final.jpg
Zola 11-29-18.jpg
Izzy for website.jpg
Walter July 22-2019.jpg
A. Henry and GG FINAL 1-23-19.jpg
Maggie FINAL 5-20-19.jpg
Winston FINAL 8-26-19 copy.jpg
Rafi - FINAL 6-18-19.jpg
DAISY - FINAL 12-16-19 copy.jpg
Barter - final - 10-31-19.jpg
Abigail - FINAL 3-23-20.jpg
Sammy and Oreo FINAL 5-22-20.jpg
Alex FINAL 10-15-20.jpg
Joey FINISHED 8-22-2020 copy.jpg
Davy Ackerman 1-29-20.jpg
CREAM Final July 22-2021.jpg
Izzy FINAL 12-18-2020 copy.jpg
ZIA - FINAL - 2-18-21 copy.jpg
Cooper 7-31-18.jpg
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